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For reasons I find hard to explain, I decided that my monitor configuration was due for an upgrade.
My previous desk was built to suite the monitors that I had at the time.
Although it served me well, I always wanted a symmetrical configuration.
Additionally, I wanted as much monitor real estate as was possible. Previously I had a number of differently sized monitors from as small as 15 inches.
After the acquisition of a 27 inch Samsung P2770 from my friend Gary Swartz - which exactly matched my own 27 inch - I decided that it was time to rebuild my desk.
To complete the symmetry, I purchased a new Samsung SA550 LED monitor, also weighing in at 27 inches.
This would be the centre monitor and, I have to say, is a thing of beauty. Samsung have delivered a wonderful product here.

The configuration now stands as follows:



Acer 19in      Samsung 27in      Samsung 27in       Samsung 27in      Acer 19in

Samsung 26in



In order to remanufacture the metal work of the desk, I went back to my friend Chris who built the original desk. Together we stripped the frame down and rebuilt it to what you see below.


DeskUpgrage_02 3

The monitor mountings were designed to hold a variety of different units, allowing precise adjustments to both height and angle.
The wiring of the desk was no small task. No matter how I tried to simplify matters, the loom just kept on getting bigger.



At last the finished product. As usual this project took longer and cost more than I had expected. But now as I enjoy the fruits of my labour, I must say that I am well pleased with the result.

DeskUpgrage_04 DeskUpgrage_05




Many people ask me why I want so many monitors. There are many good answers, but the fact is that if you spend just one day working at this desk, you will struggle to go back to anything less.
I built my first multiple monitor setup during the early days of Windows 98. It consisted of a 17in CRT and an old 15in CRT. Since then I have had many different configurations reaching as many as 8 monitors on my desk.

The simple fact is that more is better. The extra area allows me to work faster and more efficiently. It promotes creativity and allows for recreation while I work.







Chris Hill

For the fabrication of the metal frame of the desk.
Thanks for being more than willing to strip down your previous creation to accommodate me.


Border Technology Distributors

Who are the primary suppliers of the IT Hardware built into this desk.
Thanks to Kevin, Rhys, Munro and Chris
for their friendly, efficient service.