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MJOLNIR [myawl-nir]

This pendant was made for me by a local manufacturing jeweller.
It is made of 16 grams of Sterling Silver, measuring 30mm by 30mm by a hefty 5 mm thick.
Considering it's importance to me, I chose not to purchase it, but to have it hand made by a skilled craftsman

The design of this pendant is of Norse origin, from the time of the Vikings. It is called Mjolnir, which translated means "Crusher". It is the representation of the Hammer of Thor, Son of Odin, from Norse mythology.

At the time of peak of the Roman Empire, this pendant was worn by the Germainians, Scandinavians, English, Scots and most other North European cultures. It represented their belief system and was to them what the Crucifix is to modern Catholics and Christians.




Mjolnir_02 ORIGINS  

The Mjolnir pendant has been around since before the days of the Roman Empire. Archaeologists have found these relics in great numbers all across Northern Europe and England.
Although primarily associated with the Vikings, it was found in Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and many other countries even as far a field as Russia. The people of these countries wore the Mjolnir pendant as a sign of their faith and in defiance of the Roman Empire who were attempting to Christianize them through the force or war.

The word Mjolnir comes from the amalgamation of a host of ancient European languages. The Russians called it Molot - meaning Hammer. In Latin it was called Malleus - also meaning Hammer. The Slavic's called it Melevo - meaning to grind. In fact it is where we derive the English word - Mallet.
Primarily it belongs to the Vikings and represented their faith and the power of their God.



Mjolnir_03 MYTHOLOGY

Mjolnir belongs to the mythology of the Vikings.
It was the Hammer of Thor, who was the son of Odin, God of the Vikings.

Odin was known to the Vikings as "All Father". He was their God and ruler of Asgard, their Heaven. He also sat at the head of the table of Valhalla, where those Vikings who died bravely in battle would ascend to.

Thor was the first born son of Odin and heir to the throne. He was thought of as the Great Warrior, the inspiration of the warrior class of the Vikings.

Thor was given the mighty Mjolnir to be his weapon and companion while in battle. It was the greatest weapon ever created.
In Norse mythology it had the ability to summon lightning and level mountains.

The Norse poetry or Prose Edda from 13th century Iceland said the following about the Hammer of Thor:

"...it would be able to strike as firmly as he wanted, whatever his aim, and the hammer would never fail, and if he threw it at something, it would never miss and never fly so far from his hand that it would not find its way back."

Mjolnir was to the Vikings a symbol of power, strength and bravery. As well as the primary symbol of their faith and their belief system.




Mjolnir_04 TODAY

So why have I like thousands of other European people around the world chosen to wear the Mjolnir Pendant?

It is the symbol of my true heritage. The symbol of the people from whom I originate - my ancestors. Like so many around the world, my true heritage has been robbed from me and hidden by those who strive to force their own culture on the world.

If you are of English or Afrikaans origin, then this culture is your Heritage. In all probability, you have the blood of Vikings flowing in your veins.
During the peak of the Viking expansion, they invaded and populated England, Scotland, Germany, Russia, Northern America and the middle East. Most Northern European countries where invaded by the Vikings.
These Vikings settled in the countries they invaded. They stayed there for generations, trading with and marring into the local populations. Viking blood and genetic heritage is spread throughout modern English, European and American peoples.

This is the Heritage that has been hidden from me. This is the Heritage that I reclaim as my own.





Thanks to Vincent Park Manufacturing Jewellers for crafting this exquisite pendant.