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Somewhere along the winding path of my life I began to develop an interest in photography.
I cannot remember exactly when it was or how it started
but over the years it developed from a curiosity into a creative outlet.

As I learned and as I could afford better equipment I developed something of a love for it.
Partly as a technical achievement and partly as a creative practice.

As with most people experimenting with photography, I tried my hand at many disciplines
but over time I found myself drawn to studio photography.
Particularly high key, black and white photography.
I find it to have a timeless and elegant look.

But as I practiced studio photography, trying to capture moving and remarkable images, I found
that something just as compelling was emerging.
That was the human or social interaction that arose from conducting a shoot.
Interaction between the team doing makeup and assisting with the shoot, by mainly
between myself and the model.

No two shoots are the same and no two models offer the same experience.
But there is a curious and strangely intimate relationship that develops on either side of the camera
and then dissolves just as quickly after the shoot.
A brief moment in time to see another person’s soul through the lens of the camera.
That, I think, has been one of the greatest pleasures of this path that I have walked behind the lens.

As I look back over the years, I welcome you to join me for a stroll down memory lane.

Let me introduce you to some of the lovely models that have made this path the pleasure it has been.
Starting from the more recent moving back over the years.




I met Belina through her place of work. She was friendly and full of life.
After showing her some of my previous work I managed to persuade her to do a shoot with me.
The shoot turned out to be a lot of fun. She brought an energy and sense of enthusiasm to
the event that made her easy to work with.
I was very pleased with the result as well as the experience as a whole.

Photography_01 Photography_02
Photography_03 Photography_04



Charissa and I were introduced at the wedding of a friend. I was the wedding photographer that day.
This was an interesting shoot for me. Most of my models take a while to get comfortable in front
of the camera. Charissa on the other hand was at ease and ready to go from the start.
She was natural and beautiful in front of the camera. Her enthusiasm and sense of ease made
the shoot fast paced and exciting.

Photography_05 Photography_06
Photography_07 Photography_08



Jami and I did two shoots together. She brought a very different experience.
She was very quiet and introverted, but she was magic in front of the camera.
Her quiet confidence in front of the camera allowed me the opportunity to take the
deep solemn photographys that I naturally gravitate towards.
Her tiny frame also made it possible for me to use outfits that only a few woman can fit into.
I lost contact with Jami after her second shoot, but I hope that she decided to pursue her interest in modelling

Photography_10 Photography_11
Photography_12 Photography_13
Photography_14 Photography_15
Photography_16 Photography_17
Photography_18 Photography_19



Dene and Kayla

I simply could not miss the opportunity to do a shoot with identical twins.
I was put in contact with these extraordinary sisters by my wife’s beautician.
This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable shoots that I have done.
The twins have an energy and were quite simply super fun to work with.

Photography_20 Photography_21
Photography_22 Photography_23
Photography_24 Photography_25
Photography_26 Photography_27
Photography_28 Photography_29




Heather is not just a model but my wife.
She has not only made a lovely model for many shoots, but has also supported and assisted me in my
photographic endeavors.

Photography_32 Photography_33
Photography_34 Photography_35
Photography_36 Photography_37




Jade has been more than a model over the years. She has been involved with my photography for over 10 years, first as my model and later as my makeup artist.
She has done many shoots with me. From the early days when I was still finding my feet until far more recently. She has always made a super fun model to work with and has proven to be a magician with the makeup brush.
Her husband Leon has become a friend over the years and has joined Jade in front of the camera.

Photography_38 Photography_39
Photography_40 Photography_41
Photography_42 Photography_43
Photography_129 Photography_130



Kayla and Savannah

Kayla and Savannah are sisters who have been in front of my camera many times.
Kayla's mother first brought her to me when she was only 13 years old.
Now both sisters are grown up and married.
Working with these ladies has given me some of my most satisfying shoots.
In my opinion they are perhaps the most beautiful models that I have worked with both inside and out.

Photography_45 Photography_46
Photography_47 Photography_48
Photography_49 Photography_50
Photography_51 Photography_52
Photography_53 Photography_54
Photography_55 Photography_56
Photography_57 Photography_58
Photography_59 Photography_60




Matthew was an impressive character who came to me for photographs just before the
"Mr Border" bodybuilding competition for which he had being preparing.
He opted out of the competition only days before the time, but did go on to enjoy a
time working as a fitness model.

Photography_61 Photography_62




Chantel was one of the first people I ever photographed. And I believe one of the key people who inspired me to progress in my early days.
She is innocently beautiful and a pleasure to work with.
My last shoot with her was a pregnancy shoot which was a wonderful experience, but it was the earlier shoots with her that I remember most fondly.

Photography_63 Photography_64
Photography_65 Photography_66




Lauren was dating the brother of a friend of mine. They lived out of town and came for a shoot during their visit. As a result I never saw her again after the shoot.
I have no idea what became of her, but I recall the shoot clearly.
She was a truly beautiful young girl embarrassed by a scar across her cheek.
I wish I could have made her understand that the scar added to her beauty. It did not detract from it.

Photography_68 Photography_69




I met Maxine a long time ago while helping her mother at the yacht club.
We had several shoots over a couple of years.
I took a strong liking to her from the start. She was a beautiful soul born into hard times.
I don't know what become of her, but I hope life was kind to her and her child.

Photography_71 Photography_72
Photography_73 Photography_74




I hired Nicole from the Dee Vogel Model Agency.
This was a different shoot for me. It was very formal and not as personal as I had become accustomed to.
However, Nicole proved to be very professional and extremely versatile as a model.
She was a credit to Dee Vogel's school.
It was also a pleasure to see how her mother supported her modelling career.

Photography_75 Photography_76
Photography_77 Photography_78




Romanique was a personal trainer at a local gym. She had recently tattooed a beautiful rising phoenix on her side.
She had a well crafted body and a steely look in her eyes.
She may have been the start of my attraction to photographing tattooed models.

Photography_79 Photography_80
Photography_81 Photography_82



Everyone Else

And of course a huge thank you to all the other models that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Photography_83 Photography_84 Photography_85 Photography_86
Photography_87 Photography_88 Photography_89 Photography_90
Photography_91 Photography_92 Photography_93 Photography_94
Photography_95 Photography_96 Photography_97 Photography_98
Photography_99 Photography_100 Photography_101 Photography_102
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Photography_111 Photography_112 Photography_113 Photography_114
Photography_1151 Photography_116 Photography_117 Photography_118
Photography_119 Photography_120 Photography_121 Photography_122
Photography_123 Photography_124 Photography_125 Photography_126
Photography_149 Photography_150
Photography_161 Photography_152
Photography_159 Photography_155
Photography_156 Photography_157
Photography_139 Photography_142
Photography_143 Photography_140








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Over the years I have had many fine makeup artists assisting me with my shoots.
The most notable being Jade Gerber, who is also the most recent.
The time spent in makeup is an essential component of the evening I believe.
It gives the model time to relax and allows me the opportunity of beginning a repertoire with her.

The makeup itself is also essential to the success of the shoot.
High key photography requires a certain form of makeup or the models features become washed out under the bright lights.

Photography_127 Photography_128
Photography_129 Photography_130
Photography_131 Photography_132
Photography_133 Photography_134
Photography_135 Photography_136
Photography_137 Photography_138



On Set

And finally, a quick look behind the lens.

Photography_186 Photography_162
Photography_163 Photography_164
Photography_165 Photography_166
Photography_167 Photography_168
Photography_169 Photography_170
Photography_171 Photography_172
Photography_173 Photography_174
Photography_175 Photography_176
Photography_177 Photography_178
Photography_184 Photography_180
Photography_181 Photography_182


Thank you for viewing my page and if you were one of my models,
thank you for being part of my adventure.