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On the first of October I made my annual pilgrimage to the Rage Expo -
Playground of all that is new in the Computer, Gaming and Technology Industries.

Accompanied by my friend Michael Scanlen and our dedicated wives,
I worked my way around the crowded Coca-Cola Dome trying to get a taste
of the best that the computer industry has to offer.

Please enjoy some of the photos that I took of items of interest at the Expo.



Rage2011_01 Rage2011_02

Racing games offered some very decent kit.
The coolest Flight simulator console I've ever seen.



Rage2011_03 Rage2011_04

Deus Ex simply cannot be played on a small screen.
10 points for the ATI Eyefinity 6



Rage2011_05 Rage2011_06

Another acceptable way to play Deus Ex.
ASUS eye candy.



Rage2011_07 Rage2011_08

3D gaming - The next big thing.
One for the ladies



Rage2011_09 Rage2011_10

Serious overclockers.
When only liquid nitrogen will cool that puppy down.




More Eye Candy

1 Rage2011_12
Rage2011_13 Rage2011_14




Over 2000 gamers participated in the country's premier PC LAN event.

Rage2011_15 Rage2011_16
Rage2011_17 Rage2011_18




The Tech hungry hoards were difficult fight your way through.

Rage2011_19 Rage2011_20
Rage2011_21 Rage2011_22
Rage2011_23 Rage2011_24




And of course - Lets not forget the Booth Babes

Rage2011_25 Rage2011_26
Rage2011_28 Rage2011_28
Rage2011_29 Rage2011_30






Thank you for viewing my site
and thanks again to the Scanlen Clan
for hosting us over the weekend.