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After missing a couple of years I decided that it was imperitive that I attend the 2017 Rage Expo.

For those unfamiliar with Rage, it is a combination of the countrys biggest and best Public Expo of all things computer, gaming and cutting edge tech - and the countrys biggest PC LAN Tournament.

Accompanied by my dedicated wife as well as fellow tech enthusiast, Gary Swartz, I made my way to the Coca-Cola Dome in Midrand, Johannesburg.

As expected the Rage Expo did not dissapoint.
We were treated to the best that the Computer and Gaming Industries have to offer.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to peruse a wide variety of fan made paraphernalia made by highly skilled local artists and craftsmen.


This expo was a little different for me - compared to the previous years.
One of the highlights for me was the experience of drowning in a sea of like minded people and fellow enthusiasts.
Something I miss living in a smaller town.
It felt like I had rejoined my clan.
Very embracing.


As usual I took my SLR with to bring back a few photos of the outing.
Please enjoy a small selection that I present below.






Rage2011Header The Tech Rage2011Header
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Rage2011Header The LAN Rage2011Header
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Thank you for visiting my Rage Expo Page.
Take a look in October 2018 if you would like to see more.