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With air tickets and accommodation already purchased for Rage 2019, I find that I still have not posted photos from Rage 2018.

Rather late than never - I post a few of my favourite photos from the day with a thought or two thrown in.
Please enjoy this brief pictorial of my day spent at Rage 2018 with my wife Heather and friend Gary Swartz.

For those not familiar with the Rage Expo, it is the countries premium expo for all thing tech.
It is accompanied by the country’s biggest PC LAN.
In short it is a display of the best that the PC and Gaming Industries have to offer as well as a celebration of Geek Culture.



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To my surprise I noticed that I took very photos of the Tech on display -
Even though there was plenty to try and test.

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For the first time since I began attending the Rage Expo, the LAN was completely separated from the Expo





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The cherry on top of the Rage Expo.

The Cosplayers

Thank you to the skilled and spirited Cosplayers who entertained their fellow patrons.

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And a little something for the Booth Babes...

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My travelling companions for the Rage Expo weekend...

My wife Heather and my friend Gary Swartz.



Thank you.